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Afterwords: Resistance

I was glad to receive the following e-mail from Carol Lind Geary:

You asked for more CHF memories. I got one. It was a little silly, maybe, not the most profound aspect, but one that struck me. You know how we usually dressed as painters. In old clothes often with paint on them. One day Carol appeared in some sort of dress. Not looking like a business person. But not looking like an “artist”.

She wasn’t really defiant. But just determined that people on the business side of the art world take her seriously. She felt she needed to break down their stereotypes about crazy artists. Like she was an artist. And she was OK.

I’m not sure I’ve got this right. I’m not sure that I didn’t do the same thing. But I didn’t have the intensity and thought about it that she did. Her explanation got my attention.

My memory of her attitude was something like this, “I’ll be darned if I’ll let those people look down on me because I’m an artist.”

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