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Hypothetical Portrait of Carol
Graham Metson, Hypothetical Portrait of Carol

Some people

Here is a list of people whom I remember as having been particularly important to her as friends. I have tried to avoid having it turn into one of those party lists that keeps swelling until one says to hell with it and doesn’t give the party.

Some of the friendships lasted for her lifetime. Others faded, as happens. I have simply indicated when, to the best of my imperfect knowledge, the relationships began. She had the gift of friendship. There must be individuals whom I didn’t know about or have overlooked. To them, my apologies.


Milly Hoorn Engberg

Gustavus Adolphus College

Louise Borg (now Bergmann)
Donn Larson
Paul and Edna Granlund
Marilyn Robertz

First European trip

Jim Cherry
Jenny Lee (now Suiter)

Minneapolis years

June Simon
Elsie and Paul Seymour
Paul Berg
Carol Lind Geary
Dorothy Bruhl (now Anderson-Galloway)
Toni Potter
Bill Bartsch
John Beauchamp
Annaliese Garver


Jim and Barbara Clark
Doug and Sydney Shadbolt
Nancy O’Brien
Aileen Meagher
Ruth Wainwright
Jerry Roach
Elena Clough
Michael O’Brien
Bruno and Molly Bobak
Ian Lumsden
Leighton Davis
Marie Elwood
Helga Knop
Joan Dawson
George Saia
Shulim Rubin
Ed and Charlotte Lindgren
Inge Pataki
Marjorie Whitelaw
Marina Stewart
Mimi Cazort Taylor
Betty Moore
Ineke Graham
Mary Sparling
Mary Rawlyk
Mary Maclachlan
Robert Dietz
Ian Muncaster
Joe Sherman
John and Shirley Filbee
Kingsley Gill
Gloria Barrett
Shirley Taillon
Lesley Armstrong
Gemey Kelly
Joyce Stevenson


Claude Besnault
Karen Dakin-Calderón


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