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Language, Truth, and Consequences

Afterwords: Mind-Forged Manacles

The foregoing was written before the miraculous appearance in 1998 of the National Post, with its galaxy of valiant columnists and reporters like Christina Blatchford, Mark Steyn, Elizabeth Nickson, Ian Hunter, Patricia Pearson, Andrew Coyne, Donna Laframboise, Tom Flanagan, Robert Fulford, and others, all of them allowed a bracing editorial freedom to speak unpopular truths, in the spirit of Orwell, about power-seeking, linguistic obfuscation, and the intellectual terrorism of même-chose crypto-Marxism. Meanwhile, the Village Voice has become, alas, a shadow of its former self.

Language, Truth, and Consequences - Preface In Defence of Language; If It Needs It Playing for Real: Discourse and Authority Communication, Communion, Communality Mind-Forged Manacles; Reply to Questionnaire