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Found Pages: The Remarkable Harold Ernest (“Darcy Glinto”) Kelly, 1899-1969.

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This is the second, revised and enlarged, version of Found Pages.

Sidebars and Notes that were missing from the first edition some months ago have been added, along with a new page, Supplementary, which consists chiefly of excerpts from e-mails received. There are also a number of new Notes.

The biggest addition is the five-part chronology Violence Inc., a guided tour from 1899 to 1975 through violent and violence-related works and, up to the outbreak of war in 1939, violent public events—imperialist cruelties, political assassinations, gangsters, kidnapping, serial killings, Nazism, wars, etc.

In places, new information has been inserted in old texts, enclosed within square brackets. Some of this corrects errors in the first edition. Other corrective information is in Supplementary. I’ve chosen this approach rather than attempt rewritings.

The numbers in parentheses indicate approximately how long each item would be if this were a book averaging four hundred words to the page.

This is a Web book, not a print book reproduced by other means. Individual units (paragraphs, sub-sections, etc) have been kept readably short, and there are plenty of in-site links. Each page has its own introduction. The site can be dipped into anywhere.

February 2007

452pp., approximately

The webmaster, Rob Stevenson, will be glad to answer technical questions sent here. Comments about the content of the site are welcome here.


February 2006–February 2007

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